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Installation and Start up
for Bottom Outlet Bag Tanks

Bladder tank for non-drinking water applications.
Bottom system connection.
Tanks are built in accordance with the requirements of the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code.

Specs and Prices
Potable Water Tanks

Well Pressure Tank (specs 616)
Well Water Pressure Tank (specs 621)
Well Tank (specs 635)
Diaphragm Pressure Tank (specs 645)
Non-Potable Water Tanks
Bladder Tank (specs 615)
Bladder Expansion Tank (specs 620)
Bladder Water Tanks (specs 636)
High Temperature Bladder Tanks
Bladder Pressure Tank (specs 699A)
Diaphragm Tank (specs 699B)
Installation and Specs
Installation for Bottom Outlet Bag Tank
Technical Bulletin TB001
Technical Bulletin TB002


  1. Inspect the tank for damage, which may have occured during shipping.

  2. Bag type tanks are shipped with a factory precharge of 12 psig. Check the precharge, using an accurate pressure gauge at the charging valve. Pressure should be within ± 3 lbs., depending on the ambient temperature.

  3. If any damage exists or precharge is not acceptable, contact Steve at Igeus 1-800-509-8265. DO NOT INSTALL THE UNIT.

  1. To install the tank, set the unit in place and connect the system piping to the system connection on the tank. DO NOT REMOVE THE TOP PLUG OR LOOSEN THE NUT ON THE COVER PLATE.

  2. The unit must be charged to the desired precharge before the system is filled with water. Proper precharge is 3-5 psig less than the fluid system minimum pressure.

  3. To alter the factory precharge, use the charging valve near the top of the tank. Any alteration in the factory precharge should be completed just prior to filling the system with water. The precharge for this bag tank can be increased to a maximum of 80 psig (for a 125 psig system). If a precharge of more than 80 psig is required, contact Steve at Igeus 1-800-509-8265. DO NOT INSTALL THE UNIT.

  4. Leak check all the connections, including the cover plate and the top plug seal, during the adjustment of the precharge and the initial operation of the unit.

  5. When filling the system with water, any valves in the line feeding to the tank MUST be opened to insure that any trapped air in the tank is displaced by the water. Be sure to follow manufacturer's sart-up procedures for the other components in the system.

Bladder Water Tanks

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